Supporting Mooney’s educational mission is easier than ever before!

The Legacy Team Challenge is Cardinal Mooney’s new Annual Advancement Campaign, and it makes it easier than ever to support our school.

You can have an amount deducted from your credit or debit card each month (starting at just $10 per month), or you can donate with a one-time gift.

When you take the Challenge and join the Legacy Team, you’ll be funding some very specific needs (listed below).

If you like, you can even choose the specific needs you want to fund. Either way, you’ll make a big difference for a small amount of money.

Please choose from the options at the bottom of this page. Thanks for joining the team!

Special Legacy Messages

Your Legacy Team Challenge donation will help fund
the following projects at Cardinal Mooney:

Science Dept.

  • Science Lab Telescope
  • Robotics Lab
  • Robotics Team
  • STEM/Industrial Arts Wing Expansion
  • Classroom Updates/Renovations

Mathematics Dept.

  • Calculators and Student Devices
  • Classroom Updates and Renovations

Language Arts

  • Mooney Newspaper Online Upgrade
  • Classroom Updates and Renovations

Foreign Languages

  • Educational Supplies
  • Foreign language films, resources, etc.
  • Classroom Updates and Renovations

Art Dept.

  • Classroom Updates and Renovations
  • Supplies

Special Education

  • Supplies/materials

Faculty Wellness/Advancement

  • Teacher Resource Center

Music Dept.

  • Band Uniforms and Classroom Pianos


  • Accounting Class Computers & Software
  • Distance Learning Lab
  • Tablets/iPads in Classroom

Social Studies

  • Classroom Updates and Renovations

Health/Physical Education

  • Classroom Updates and Renovations

Student Wellness/Advancement

  • Upgraded Student Nutritional Center
  • Library/Media Center Upgrades
  • School Counseling Office Upgrades


  • Supplies/materials


  • Speech Team Tournament/Expansion
  • Drama/Play Props & Funding


  • Lacrosse/Soccer Additional Turf Field
  • Current Field Upgrades
  • Girls & Boys Athletic Team Uniforms
  • Girls & Boys Athletic Teams – travel, supplies and equipment for the following teams:
Baseball Lacrosse
Boys Basketball Soccer
Girls Basketball Softball
Bowling Swimming
Cross Country Tennis
Football Track
Golf Volleyball


  • Front Office Renovations


  • Comprehensive Marketing Campaign
  • Advancement Student Matching Fund
  • Matching Donations to Student-Led Fundraising for
    • Advancement Endowment Program
    • Classroom/extracurricular needs
    • Catholic Feeder School Marketing Items
    • Athletic Advancement

Your CHALLENGE donation does NOT pay for—

Teachers or Administration Salaries or Benefits. Student Tuitions. Everyday
operational costs such as utilities. Insurance, building upkeep and maintenance.

Ready to Join the Team?

Please choose from the options below. Thanks for joining the team!

Sustaining Legacy Team Membership

As a Sustaining Legacy Team member, your monthly contributions will be automatically deducted from your debit or credit card. These deductions will be made automatically from month to month and from year to year until you tell us to stop. Your membership will always be current. You won’t receive renewal reminders. And you’ll be providing steady, reliable funding for the school you love. Sustaining Membership is easy for you, and great for Cardinal Mooney High School.

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Annual Decision Membership

As an Annual Legacy Team member, your monthly contributions will be automatically deducted from your debit or credit card for the next 12 months. Approximately one month prior to your membership expiring, you’ll receive a renewal notice. At that point, you can decide if you want to renew for the following year and/or increase your membership level.

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One-Time Gift

If you prefer to make your entire donation to the Legacy Team all at once rather than in monthly increments, you can make a One-Time Gift.

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